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BPAS is the UK's leading abortion care service. We've specialised in quality abortion treatment for over 45 years.

We've helped Irish women for a very long time, so we understand the difficulties you may face to get treatment.

BPAS has clinics in over 60 locations - many are close to ports and airports with direct budget travel from Ireland.

Our special prices help you afford the best possible clinical care. More discount is available if you visit an Irish crisis pregnancy counselling agency before attending for BPAS treatment.

Sensitive expert consultation and treatment on the same day - ask for details when you book.

We support the campaign to repeal the 8th Amendment which currently prevents women from accessing abortion treatment in the Republic of Ireland - you can help by sharing your abortion story with us.

BPAS is a charity and not for profit.

The UK government has now agreed to pay for the cost of abortion care for women from Northern Ireland - click for details

BPAS - here if you need us