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Abortion advice & counselling

It's normal to have mixed feelings about being pregnant when you didn't plan to be. Or you may have clear thoughts about what is right for your situation.  If you are undecided, it may help to talk about your options and feelings. Whatever you're thinking, YOU should make the final decision about your pregnancy.

It may be hard to talk to your partner, family or friends until you're sure of your feelings about the pregnancy. There are agencies in Ireland that offer non-directive pregnancy counselling - so you can discuss all your options with a trained counsellor who doesn't know you. Non-directive pregnancy counselling means that the counsellor will not influence you or offer any opinion about what may be best for you.

If you live in the Republic of Ireland visit My Options for information on the HSE funded (free), confidential unplanned pregnancy counselling service.  Alternatively telephone My Options freephone on 1800 828 010 to find out about abortion services and how to get treatment

If you wish to discuss your unplanned pregnancy, you may wish to consult one of the following agencies :

Some organisations which advertise free pregnancy testing and counselling are strongly opposed to abortion and don't discuss all the options available to you in a balanced way.  If they talk about abortion as an option for you, it may involve un-evidenced or untrue claims, and unreliable statistics.

Abortion Support Network (ASN) is a charity that provides financial assistance and accommodation in volunteer homes to women travelling to England from Ireland/N Ireland to access a safe and legal abortion. Funding is available on a case by case basis depending on circumstances and availability of funding.

Abortion Pills online

Some women have no alternative but to seek Early Medical Abortion (EMA) pills online. While the World Health Organisation has said that EMA medication is safe (even when taken outside a clinical setting), there are risks associated with buying EMA medication online: they may not arrive, or may not be a genuine product. Some websites that claim to provide EMA medication have been set up to dupe. We do not advise anyone to take medication purchased online, but if you have no other option, both Women on Web and Women Help Women can provide genuine EMA pills, advice and support.

BPAS runs a free confidential helpline, set up for women who have bought pills from Women Help Women and Women on Web.

Call 1800 910 049 (ROI) and 0800 0776049 (NI). 

If you have bought pills from another online provider you will be advised to seek immediate medical assistance as we cannot be sure of the medication you have taken.