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The Irish Government has called a Citizen’s Assembly to discuss the 8th amendment – the constitutional provision which effectively means women in Ireland can't access abortion within the State. The 99 citizens who will participate may, or may not have experienced abortion.  The Abortion Rights Campaign, (ARC) wants to ensure that the Citizens Assembly can hear as many women’s stories and experiences of abortion, as possible.  So ARC are encouraging women to write their story of what it is like have to to travel for an abortion. 

If you want to share your story, you can email it to  stories@abortionrights.ie .  

Say as little or as much as you would like....such as:

• Under what circumstances did you choose to have an abortion?
• What would it have meant for you not to travel?
• What would you say to the citizen’s assembly if you could speak to them?
• How would your experience have been different if you were able to access safe legal abortion services at home?
• What impact would being forced to remain pregnant against your will have had on your emotional and physical health?
• What impact did being forced to travel have on you, your family and your finances?

You can submit your story anonymously by providing it to a notary to confirm your identity. A list of Irish notaries is listed here. You can also email ARC who will assist you in finding a notary.  If you decided against travelling for treatment and instead took pills for a medical abortion at home, you could share your story however, we strongly recommend you do this anonymously given the current criminalisation of abortion within Ireland.

The Abortion Rights Campaign’s privacy statement is found here

BPAS provides abortion care to thousands of Irish women each year and supports the ARC campaign to provide a mechanism for women who have experienced the impact of the 8th amendment to share their stories and present them to the Assembly.